Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ranger Ball....

So last night was a special night for both of us! We got to get gussied up in our formal attire and attend the Ranger Ball through Ben's work. We arrived at the River Mill Center downtown Columbus, GA around 1730 and met a few people and got our photos taken (hopefully they turn out!) As people came in that we knew it was fun to see them all dressed up as well and hear the boys tease each other about their uniforms. They started with the event with the posting posting of colors, rememberance of fallen Rangers, Punch Bowl Ceremony, and formal toasts. If we would have known that they were going to do all this BEFORE dinner we would have had some snacks before coming! Dinner was around 1945! It was excellent food and worth the wait! After dinner the guest speaker, LTG Mulholland (3 star General) spoke for a bit. Pretty much after the speaking people mingled around and took some last photos! All in all it was a great night except for the bobby pins in my head giving me a headache! I had a very handsome and hot date and that made the whole evening perfect!!
(Our table)

(first photo of night)

(The Colonols wife and I...we take spin class together)

(Ben in full Dress Blue uniform...handsome)

(Had to show off my work....)

(Ben closing his eyes and saying...woman no more photos!!)


  1. You both look great! Sounds like you had a lovely evening. That color is amazing on you and that hair....Wow!

  2. Dang girl - you are beautiful! I love that you think in military time... us civilians have to think to subtract 12 to figure it out :) Glad you had a good time.

  3. oh fun!!! i love all the photos....we are having ours at the same place in november so i can't wait now!! you looked absolutely stunning...but my favorite photo of you is the one you text'd me!! haha!

  4. You should try the vaseline...It makes my skin so soft and fresh. Better than ever before and i've done this for about a year now. I think it is actually tighter and more youthful because of it. If you try it at night, make sure you do it an hour or so before bed so it has time to soak in and not get on your pillow. In the morning i put the tiniest amount all over under my foundation. Of course, don't use it everyday. Try every other or so. You'll thank me!

  5. too bad we didn't get to sit together! we had fun anyway. I LOVED your hair, I am going to have to hire you to do mine next time!!! Your pictures are great, you guys looked gorgeous as always!!!