Monday, May 18, 2009

Palm trees and white sand.....

Oh the glorious beach! I cannot live without it but somehow I am 4.5 hours away from one!
Friday afternoon we took off to go to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, AL! It was a long drive but we got to our hotel around 8pm. Of course Ben was hungry (after a dinner and snacks) so we walked around and he did not find anything he wanted so it was back to the hotel! I tried to suggest some of the food that I had brought and I sold him on a few things.
I think I mentioned in an earlier blog that one of the things we get excited about in a hotel is TV! We don't have cable at home so to lay in a comfy bed and surf the channels is always a highlight for us! I know, so mundane but yet oh so fun! Of course there was nothing really on!
Saturday I was awake by 0645!! Come on now...I am on vacay! I guess my body is just used to getting up for spin class on Saturdays! Ben was ticked because he wanted to sleep in but I guess I woke him up with watching TV! (haha cannot get enough of it, although again there was nothing good on!) We found an Island Pancake house on the beach to have some breakfast and that was tasty!
Of course because of the crazy day on Friday before leaving (a long story) I was not thinking what we would need at beach so I forgot sunscreen, beach towel, mats, old flips and the list goes on! We went to a beach store and bought some mats and sunscreen and then snuck out pool towels from the hotel!!
I could have stayed ALL day at the beach! The weather man said thunderstorms all day but God BLESSED us with blue skies, cool breeze and a lovely temp!
That evening we headed to the wedding! It was on the beach and there were about 30 people was lovely! This is where I interject and let you all know that I FORGOT my camera! I was so no lovely photos of the bride and groom!
We went to the grooms mom's house for the reception and had some good times!
Sunday we got everything packed up and of course the thunderstorms hit!! We went to a few stores but didn't want to battle the rain anymore! I do have to say that I FINALLY got some good sunglasses! My eyes are super sensetive because I wear contacts and such. I found some nice black oakleys that are super polarized and that work really well with the glare! You will note that in these photos I have on my old cheap ones....and you can tell!!

{see the blue skies??!}

{self photos are hard to capture for me!}

{ben stole my hat to shade his eyes}


  1. yey for fun in the sun times!! we definitely need to have a beach trip in the next couple of weeks!! that white sand is calling me!!

  2. i am very fortunate. i live 30 minutes from beaches. Breathing in fresh sea air always make me feel happier.

  3. How beautiful...reminds me of my days in Cali.
    I'm so jealous that you can just pack up and go like that anytime you want. {Just the two of you}.