Wednesday, April 22, 2009

8 Things.....

Write out your 8 THINGS and then tag a few people at the end! I was tagged by Leanne!

8 Things!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. Core and more class on Friday then lunch with friends and a baby!

2. Tanning on my weedy yard in our above 80 degree weather this week!

3. The night I am going to take Ben on Sat....under the stars! (blog to follow)

4. Disney World and Destin Beach in July!

5. Answers from Jesus!

6. Eating some ice cream tonight even though I did not work out today!

7. Maybe riding my bike with Ben tomorrow at the River Walk

8. Loving on my man!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Got up!

2. Went to spin class and got my butt whooped but it felt good!

3. Went to the commisary for food and they finally had ground turkey so I bought 6!

4. Tried to tan outside but the sun was behind the clouds until I went inside!

5. Made chicked salad with organic greens for dinner that was way GINORMOUS!

6. Welcomed my hubby home from work

7. Went to a Ranger wife social and had yummy cake and bought a cute necklace

8. Helped Ben study and went to bed!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Had gone to spin class tonight to get rid of some stress

2. Finished my "trial run" of hair for Ranger ball next Friday.

3. Worked out this morning.....I chose not to! :)

4. Receive un unlimted gift card to a good clothing store

5. Go on vacation NOW!

6. Pray more.....worry less!

7. Gone to Ben and Jerrys for the free give away yesterday!

8. Love my man more and MORE!

8 Shows I Enjoy:

1. Survivor

2. Private Practice

3. Amazing Race

4. 24

5. Biggest Loser

6. Greys Anatomy

7. ER....sad that it is gone!

8. HGTV...when I have cable!

I tag.....
Kandace (Brooke)
Aubrey (Jamie)
Amy I

(Bonus photo....out on boat last weekend!)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Refreshed yet ready to go again.....

Well, we went to the retreat this weekend and had alot of fun just being together. Like mentioned in the latest blog we went to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA. We were to get there around 3pm for the first session but Ben is in this school and didn't get out until 5pm. Right when he got home we packed up a few remaining things and put the bikes in the truck and headed off! We got there about 6pm and went to check in before dinner. Of course there were like 5,000 other people in line to check in at that time as well! We did get checked in and went to put everything in our hotel room. When getting into our room we found out that we had two double beds and not one big bed. We have a king size bed so when we saw that we were going to be sleeping in a double that was going to be a big and tight change! Ben thought maybe we could just move the night stand out and push the two beds together! Brilliant ubtil we noticed that they were on these wood platforms and not just a bed frame! We gave up on that idea for the moment and went to dinner. When we got down to dinner we found out that is was a buffet, which is good except we found out that it was seafood night! Bla! We both do not like seafood at all except those tasty coconut prawns that are so tasty! Thank goodness they had chicken! We did go out on a limb and both tried some dill flavored salmon and Ben tried some mussels that I would not even attempt to try just because the look of it!
We headed back to our room because we were excited to watch some TV! I know that may seem very silly to some people but to us it was like we were little kids whose mom just gave us an opportunity to watch a show! We don't have TV at our home so we were excited to lay in bed with the clicker and watch a few shows! Ben also figured out a way to push our beds together....thanks to his grand muscles!
Saturday morning we woke up and went to breakfast in the garden room. It was so pretty sitting by the window and looking out on the veranda to some beautiful flowers, pond and birds. That is what I would picture my yard to look like when I get is so peaceful. We then went to our classes which lasted up until dinner. After dinner we decided to take our bikes out for a ride into the gardens. I of course had Ben carry the camera so that we could stop at the Azelea bowl to take some photos. I did not bring the case because it was to bulky. Little did I know that they batteries would die after the first photo was taken. I would have thought that I could at least get one photo of Ben and I but no all I got is one of Ben! Well, he is the better looking half especially in his bike gear then me! :) We had a lovely ride and then when we went to leave the park the gates were closed! We found an opening by one of the enterances that we were able to pass our bikes through to eachother! Hey, it was better then climbing over the fence with bike shorts and bike shoes that you can barely walk in! We got through with no issues but it did mean that I had to ride on the main busy road! I have not ridden on the road before (just the River Walk and bike paths) so to have crazy cars passing you and going over 40 miles an hour was shaking me on my bike! Not forgetting to mention that I had my sunglasses on and it was dusk out (they were also used to shield bugs) so I could not see as well! Ben, my protector and good husband, rode behind me to make sure I did alright! That evening we cleaned up a bit, got out of the crazy bike shorts and went to a little bar downstairs for a drink.....which was very peaceful as well and we shared some good laughs.
The following morning (Sunday) we got up again for breakfast and of course the morning was full of thunder, lightning and rain. I am so done with storms here! After b-fast we went to our last session on sex and romance. Had some good laughs and also some times of seriousness. After that we checked out and headed home. We took some wisdom seriously and drove the speed limit because were informed that morning by someone who works law enforcement that on Saturday the police in north Columbus issued over 250 speeding tickets!!! Glad that we were not one of them!
Overall our weekend was fun and very relaxing. It is nice just to get away from all the usual day-to-day things and spend time with each other. We will have to do it again soon! Enjoy the only 2 photos that I took! :)

(Ben and his bike)

(The beds pushed together...we asked for no room service so they couldn't see our craziness!!)