Sunday, June 21, 2009


If I typed on how much
my dad means to me and how much I
love him this could be a very, very
long blog!
He has been my influence, hero, teacher,
mentor, and has been one of the reasons
that I married such an unbelievable man!
He has worked hard in life but in his
own quite way. Slow to get angry and
slow to raise his voice!
My dad will forever be in my heart even
though we are miles away.
I think of him often and wish that I
could spend more time with him!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby Tathen....

I get again welcome another lil nephew
into the world!
Tathen James was born via a section today
weighing in at a whoppin 9lbs 3oz and
21 inches long! You can see in this photo
that he loves his daddy already because he is
holding his finger!
Lil Tathen deserves a pillow from his aunty...
it just needs to be stuffed!
Love you already lil man!

New fabric...

I bought some new fabric a few days ago.
I loved it when I saw it a few weeks ago but
but it was not on sale. Coupons are awesome
but it went on sale before I could use them
so that was awesome!
I think I am going to make some pillows for my
wicker chair in my kitchen! I just love the
colors in this material! I did by a greenish,
small, stripe material as well to mix in with it.
Off to start another project!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taggy tag.....

Yup, it hit me again and
this time I will actually remeber
to do it!
Here is the deal...I am to list
up to about 10 things that you may
not know about me! This could be fun
and hopefully you don't already know
these things about me!

1 - When Ben and I are both working we would tend to go to bed before 9pm! I know....we are old! It is close to this time again!
2 - I will admit that I do not shave my legs everyday even in the summer!
3 - While in Hawaii we went body surfing one day and I hit a wave and lost my top....I didn't even know it....I was just celebrating the awesome thrill of the wave and threw my hands in the air!
4 - I am a very organized person....everything has to have a place!
5 - Moving I enjoy but I have to know where, when, how, and all that, now that I am married to a man in the military I will never is forever changing!!
6 - I was home schooled for most of my schooling years so going to college was...people think home schoolers turn out weird but I think I turned out ok!
7 - I have 11 neices and nephews with one more on the way....who knows how many more to come due to six other siblings!
8 - I love, love, love the beach! Give me a little hut and I could live there!
9 - My dream is to work either in the pediatric intensive care unit or neonatal intensive care...i love me some kiddos and babies!
10 - We want babies but just don't know when.....

So, now you know a little more about
me and now it is my turn to tag a few
more people to get a few things from them!

I tag -
Melody @ preppy chic bride
Jenn @ just plain mommy
Stacey @ kisses from the Father

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thank you...

Thanks to Aubrey for the One Lovely Blog Award!
It is my first one and it was fun to recieve!
I am passing the joy around to the following:


Monday, June 1, 2009

One of my journeys.....

As some of you know I have been trying to get this body toned and it has not been easy. Yes, people see me as being thin but that doesn't meen that I am "in shape" or healthy! I do cook healthy but of course still have my treats. I have picked up spinning, road biking, and some other forms of working out to try and get this body healthy. I think I am on the right track and am improving! I do not weigh myself because that is to confusing and has to be done everyday at the same time and it gets me in trouble!
Ben got camera happy on the boat yestday and one of the shots he said I had to do a tiger pose.....whatever that may be it did not turn out like a tiger pose at all....just goofy! Of course I would like to use the paint program and erase a few things but I am grasping onto the idea that I don't have the highschool body anymore and never will! I am proud of who I am and am in a place where I am content with what God has given me and I am blessed with a healthy body! I am also grateful that Ben loves me just how I am!

{just don't laugh @ the funky tan lines and thick bike legs!}

{crouching tiger....}

{i love this man with all my heart}