Saturday, May 23, 2009

Do the chop....

As you can see of the CFA cow add below we were to "do the chop eat the chicken!" We went to an Atlanta Braves game the other night with my brother Sam and had a ton of fun! Of course the Braves lost and we left early but the field was beautiful, the hotdogs delicious and the rain STAYED AWAY! Oh and it was 1970's Braves hat give away night so of course we had to wear them in support of the team!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I started a new project a week ago and have been slowly
working on them to finish them up. They are the first two
that I have done so very rough draft of the finished project!
The "k" is made with leftover fabric and the "b" is made from
ribbon that was not quite wide enough so hence the stitching up
the machine also goofed on the "b'....if you can see
it! I had fun with them and plan on making some more soon!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Smells of Hawaii.....

I bought a plant that I have been wanting for some time now!
It is a hyacinth tree!! The smell of this plant reminds me
of the flowers in Hawaii! They are beautiful and so bright.
I am not going to plant it so that if we move I can take it with me.
I would like to find a big pot to put it in but for now it will sit
on my front porch so I can take in its beauty and fragrance!

{a bud about to bloom}

Monday, May 18, 2009

Palm trees and white sand.....

Oh the glorious beach! I cannot live without it but somehow I am 4.5 hours away from one!
Friday afternoon we took off to go to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, AL! It was a long drive but we got to our hotel around 8pm. Of course Ben was hungry (after a dinner and snacks) so we walked around and he did not find anything he wanted so it was back to the hotel! I tried to suggest some of the food that I had brought and I sold him on a few things.
I think I mentioned in an earlier blog that one of the things we get excited about in a hotel is TV! We don't have cable at home so to lay in a comfy bed and surf the channels is always a highlight for us! I know, so mundane but yet oh so fun! Of course there was nothing really on!
Saturday I was awake by 0645!! Come on now...I am on vacay! I guess my body is just used to getting up for spin class on Saturdays! Ben was ticked because he wanted to sleep in but I guess I woke him up with watching TV! (haha cannot get enough of it, although again there was nothing good on!) We found an Island Pancake house on the beach to have some breakfast and that was tasty!
Of course because of the crazy day on Friday before leaving (a long story) I was not thinking what we would need at beach so I forgot sunscreen, beach towel, mats, old flips and the list goes on! We went to a beach store and bought some mats and sunscreen and then snuck out pool towels from the hotel!!
I could have stayed ALL day at the beach! The weather man said thunderstorms all day but God BLESSED us with blue skies, cool breeze and a lovely temp!
That evening we headed to the wedding! It was on the beach and there were about 30 people was lovely! This is where I interject and let you all know that I FORGOT my camera! I was so no lovely photos of the bride and groom!
We went to the grooms mom's house for the reception and had some good times!
Sunday we got everything packed up and of course the thunderstorms hit!! We went to a few stores but didn't want to battle the rain anymore! I do have to say that I FINALLY got some good sunglasses! My eyes are super sensetive because I wear contacts and such. I found some nice black oakleys that are super polarized and that work really well with the glare! You will note that in these photos I have on my old cheap ones....and you can tell!!

{see the blue skies??!}

{self photos are hard to capture for me!}

{ben stole my hat to shade his eyes}

Thursday, May 14, 2009

To my love....

There is nothing
in all the world I want but you -
and your precious love.
Don't you think I was made for you?
I feel like you had me ordered....
and I was delivered! ZS

{love the quote and the photo}

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rock a bye baby.....

I don't remember where I found this nursery room but from the moment I saw it I fell in love with it!
No, I have no news to tell you all except that I refilled my birth control today because we are still in "talk" and taking no "action" mode! :)
I am not a frilly person but I do like details, clean lines, and simple colors.
That is probably why I like the theme in this one. I am also in love with monkeys for a toddler room but that will come later.
This can be used for boy or girl by just adding or taking away a few things!
Simple yet still that calming baby presence!

My future bed to dream in....

I love this bed! I found a photo of it on e-bay but it actually comes from a store in NC! I love that it is black, has a high head board and a low foot board. One requirement of Ben is that it does not have a high foot board. Our matress is quite high so this bed will be perfect! The selection of bed coverings that they have on this bed is not something I desire but of course this just means that I would use what I have or go shopping for something new! Maybe with the leftover money we get for an enlistment bonus.....

{love the detail in the headboard}

Monday, May 11, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely sis-in-law and wonderful friend JOY! She is a lovely lady and has been a good wife to my brother and also a great mother to little Bailey boo (and a lil guy on the way the end of June) Love them all!

Ben found enjoyment.....

Last Saturday the weather finally went our way (it stopped raining) and we were able to take the boat out again! We try and take it out every weekend day that it is sunny so that we can escape the heat and humidity!
I forgot to put my facial lotion on that morning so I ended up with some lovely racoon eyes and a nice lobster glow to the face! My face has not burned in forever...I like to keep it somewhat healthy so it won't sluff of at an elderly age!
When in the bathroom trying to take photos Ben came in and started getting camera happy! He is usually hemming and hawing over the fact that I am always taking for him to get camera happy was astounding! Here are just a few of our after boat day...granted no make up and hair job in these photos so brace yourself...they are far from glam!

And that is us crazy kids....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Falling forward....

I came across this photo on msnbc's photo gallery of the week! I love looking at their photos because they are unique and taken all around the world! I saw this one and could not help but laugh but at the same time feel sorry for the man! I don't know how he got in this situation but it doesn't look good!
I must say that I have never seen anyone carry an umbrella before while riding on their bike but I guess you have to do what you have to do!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Could you say laziness.....

So, below you will see a photo of my neighbors house's front door across the street from us! It started out with one box, then another, then another until it has piled up to what looks like 9 or so! You are prob thinking, Katie you are crazy and spying on your neigbors house...uhhh no, it just happens to be right there to look at! They are HOME, they use their front door and I have watched them (of course to see if they will take them in) walk right past them! They are now wet from the rain (I have a good zoom on my camera) and who knows how much damage has been done! Most likely they are things that they do not care about but seriously....over a week and that many boxes!!! I don't want to judge but I would consider that pure laziness! I should tell them....Hey, if you don't like getting packages in the mail then send them over to my porch....I will gladly take them inside! Oh and if you all ever decide to send me a package, please know I will take it in right away! Any thoughts???

Monday, May 4, 2009

table project.....

I have been wanting new couches and tables for my house but right now it is not in our budget nor a priority at this point! I had bought some end tables and coffee tables some years ago for $30 at Target....all three! They were a dark brown in color and they have been a good purchase. I am still using them now but I wanted a bt of change without the possibility of buying new pieces. I had some leftover black paint and thought that it would do the job. As much as I like the antique look to furniture these would have to do for black. I sanded them down, painted them and now they await some type of updated decor! I like them so much better then the brown color! Now to be on the lookout for things to put on them!

(old color)

(new color)

(coffee table)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ranger Ball....

So last night was a special night for both of us! We got to get gussied up in our formal attire and attend the Ranger Ball through Ben's work. We arrived at the River Mill Center downtown Columbus, GA around 1730 and met a few people and got our photos taken (hopefully they turn out!) As people came in that we knew it was fun to see them all dressed up as well and hear the boys tease each other about their uniforms. They started with the event with the posting posting of colors, rememberance of fallen Rangers, Punch Bowl Ceremony, and formal toasts. If we would have known that they were going to do all this BEFORE dinner we would have had some snacks before coming! Dinner was around 1945! It was excellent food and worth the wait! After dinner the guest speaker, LTG Mulholland (3 star General) spoke for a bit. Pretty much after the speaking people mingled around and took some last photos! All in all it was a great night except for the bobby pins in my head giving me a headache! I had a very handsome and hot date and that made the whole evening perfect!!
(Our table)

(first photo of night)

(The Colonols wife and I...we take spin class together)

(Ben in full Dress Blue uniform...handsome)

(Had to show off my work....)

(Ben closing his eyes and saying...woman no more photos!!)