Thursday, May 7, 2009

Could you say laziness.....

So, below you will see a photo of my neighbors house's front door across the street from us! It started out with one box, then another, then another until it has piled up to what looks like 9 or so! You are prob thinking, Katie you are crazy and spying on your neigbors house...uhhh no, it just happens to be right there to look at! They are HOME, they use their front door and I have watched them (of course to see if they will take them in) walk right past them! They are now wet from the rain (I have a good zoom on my camera) and who knows how much damage has been done! Most likely they are things that they do not care about but seriously....over a week and that many boxes!!! I don't want to judge but I would consider that pure laziness! I should tell them....Hey, if you don't like getting packages in the mail then send them over to my porch....I will gladly take them inside! Oh and if you all ever decide to send me a package, please know I will take it in right away! Any thoughts???


  1. whaaaat?!?!? this is really out of control! at least move them into the garage if you don't want them...seriously folks!

  2. This is hilarious Katie! Wonder if they contain something that they dread dealing with or what? If they're goodies, I'll take 'em! Craziness...AND laziness!