Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Smells of Hawaii.....

I bought a plant that I have been wanting for some time now!
It is a hyacinth tree!! The smell of this plant reminds me
of the flowers in Hawaii! They are beautiful and so bright.
I am not going to plant it so that if we move I can take it with me.
I would like to find a big pot to put it in but for now it will sit
on my front porch so I can take in its beauty and fragrance!

{a bud about to bloom}


  1. ooohhh...i like it. i may have to come over and smell your plant. okay...that just sounds dirty!
    the depot of the home has big planting pots and urns on sale right now!! good deals too...go ova there!

  2. Oh how lovely! That's much cheaper than a plane flight and it's at your front door :)
    Marshalls has large pots.