Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I started a new project a week ago and have been slowly
working on them to finish them up. They are the first two
that I have done so very rough draft of the finished project!
The "k" is made with leftover fabric and the "b" is made from
ribbon that was not quite wide enough so hence the stitching up
the machine also goofed on the "b'....if you can see
it! I had fun with them and plan on making some more soon!


  1. very very cute!! i definitely think you've got something here!

  2. Katie you're so talented. I LOVE these. They fit so perfectly in this chair :)
    You'll have to see what i've been working on tomorrow. It's a BIG surprise on my blog. Yeah!!!
    Anytime you feel like sewing...think "H".

  3. Wow, nice work - those are fantastic! what a great idea with the ribbon... seriously I want those in an S, J, and O :) Impressive, miss.