Monday, May 4, 2009

table project.....

I have been wanting new couches and tables for my house but right now it is not in our budget nor a priority at this point! I had bought some end tables and coffee tables some years ago for $30 at Target....all three! They were a dark brown in color and they have been a good purchase. I am still using them now but I wanted a bt of change without the possibility of buying new pieces. I had some leftover black paint and thought that it would do the job. As much as I like the antique look to furniture these would have to do for black. I sanded them down, painted them and now they await some type of updated decor! I like them so much better then the brown color! Now to be on the lookout for things to put on them!

(old color)

(new color)

(coffee table)

1 comment:

  1. Look at you...You're getting the decorating bug!
    What a lovely job and might i say they don't look like Target pieces either. Kudos girlie :)