Wednesday, April 22, 2009

8 Things.....

Write out your 8 THINGS and then tag a few people at the end! I was tagged by Leanne!

8 Things!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. Core and more class on Friday then lunch with friends and a baby!

2. Tanning on my weedy yard in our above 80 degree weather this week!

3. The night I am going to take Ben on Sat....under the stars! (blog to follow)

4. Disney World and Destin Beach in July!

5. Answers from Jesus!

6. Eating some ice cream tonight even though I did not work out today!

7. Maybe riding my bike with Ben tomorrow at the River Walk

8. Loving on my man!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Got up!

2. Went to spin class and got my butt whooped but it felt good!

3. Went to the commisary for food and they finally had ground turkey so I bought 6!

4. Tried to tan outside but the sun was behind the clouds until I went inside!

5. Made chicked salad with organic greens for dinner that was way GINORMOUS!

6. Welcomed my hubby home from work

7. Went to a Ranger wife social and had yummy cake and bought a cute necklace

8. Helped Ben study and went to bed!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Had gone to spin class tonight to get rid of some stress

2. Finished my "trial run" of hair for Ranger ball next Friday.

3. Worked out this morning.....I chose not to! :)

4. Receive un unlimted gift card to a good clothing store

5. Go on vacation NOW!

6. Pray more.....worry less!

7. Gone to Ben and Jerrys for the free give away yesterday!

8. Love my man more and MORE!

8 Shows I Enjoy:

1. Survivor

2. Private Practice

3. Amazing Race

4. 24

5. Biggest Loser

6. Greys Anatomy

7. ER....sad that it is gone!

8. HGTV...when I have cable!

I tag.....
Kandace (Brooke)
Aubrey (Jamie)
Amy I

(Bonus photo....out on boat last weekend!)

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