Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our dream home......

Well, Ben and I have a dream of someday owning a house of our own. We did not buy in Washington because we knew shortly after we were married that we were going to be moving out of state. We also did not buy here in GA because we knew we were only be here for a short amount of time and also did not want to have to try and sell.
So, we dream and dream of what we want our house to be and when we will get a chance to own it someday!
We were in Lowe’s one day this past fall and thought that we would buy one of those house plan books. We fell upon one that was called Country Homes by Lowe’s Legacy series. Now, I am not into “country” homes but more into craftsman and classy homes. We were looking through it and fell in love with one house and its layout in particular. Just the way the outside looks made me fall in love with it. The inside is very open yet there are areas of seclusion and areas for quietness. It is just a tad over 2,000 square feet and Ben got to revamping it a bit and making it a bit bigger. Well, come to find out when my sister was messing around with it on her plan program back home that he had made it over 4,000 square feet!! Haha that is WAY to much house for us and even when we add to our family it will be too big! I enjoy a house that is spacious but not so big that you get lost in it! I also enjoy one story houses just to keep family close. This does have a little bonus room above the garage that we would finish off to use for a guest room or gym or some sort.
Our goal is to pay off our only loans which are the boat and truck. We are fairly close to this goal and once I start working it will be even sooner. We would like to then buy some property back in WA either on about an acre of land or the lake. Since we are in the grand career of the Army we won’t know for sure what is going on always so we would like to have and invest in the property until we know that we are going to be in WA for good!
Anyways, we love this house and know that someday (or we just will keep dreaming of it) we will be able to have it! God knows our future and our dreams and He tells us to DREAM BIG… that is what we are doing!


  1. oohhh...i like this house a lot!!! does it have a foyer? in "my" house not only do i have a fabulous bath and kitchen but a closed off foyer is an absolute deal breaker!!

  2. Could we live here too? We could live in the "east" wing... very pretty and charming!

  3. "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Ps. 37:4
    That's awesome that you and Ben are dreaming together! That's the funnest part!