Monday, March 9, 2009

First day out....

This was the first day this year that we got to take the boat out! After having crazy weather last weekend it finally got in the upper 70's on Saturday! It was a beautiful day to just go out and smoothly glide along the lake. Well, Ben did have a fewe times of crazy driving and making some wakes for Mike and Kaylyn on their boat! Will and cute lil Olivia joined us and Olivia got a bit bored with the boys talking so she ate some sour patch kids and then fell asleep! I did not think the sun rays were going to be as strong as they were so I got some lovely pink skin and now am going to have to even out some funky tan lines! Oh what we do for some sun! All in all it was a fun day that was topped off by some yummy burgars the Isreal's house!

(One of the reasons I married Ben...for the boat of course! Haha)

(Olivia racked out)

(What they do best....chill and talk about work!)

(Ben looking handsome and me just waking up!)

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