Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh the beauty of a bathroom...

I love bathrooms and how quite they can be. I don't know there is something about them that is calming to me. I don't know if it is the tub, shower, conversations of what. Even if I just sit on the sink counter and Ben is showering, or getting ready for the me it is a place of serinity and calmness. We have a tiny little bathroom so when I see photos of bathrooms that I love there is just something about them. I am sure that all this quiteness and peace that I enjoy now will someday be disturbed by little foot padding coming into "my" bathroom and calling out...mommy, mommy....hurry up, we want you to come out and play! I think that I may just have to set the rule that if mommy is in the bathroom it is her time and YOU WILL KNOCK before even thinking about coming in! Anyways, just a few ideas for my future bathroom.....

(I am a big believer in large free standing tubs....also in love with big windows)

(I would have these book cases on one of my walls)

(The old craftsman style hardware is a must!)

(and a double free-standing vanity is a must)

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  1. Oh boy Katie... I think we have the same taste in bathrooms - LOVE that tub in the top picture! Just found your blog - fun to see that you are doing well!