Thursday, March 5, 2009

For the love of pansies....

Ben and I were driving home from post the other day and I noticed that the trees were starting to get leaf buds and small bit of color to them! One particular tree stood out to me because it had purple buds that would soon be flowering into magnificent flowery branches! I cannot wait to see them and all the other tree in bloom here! It is weird to think that it snowed about 5 inches last weekend and not this weekend they are calling for highs in the mid 70's...hey I will take it!
Anyways, I wanted a new center piece for my kitchen table that had to do with spring! I went to Lowes and found some pansies that were on clearance! Poor little guys were on a cart of their own with a big yellow clearance sticker! They still looked good to me and maybe just needed a bit of TLC, new potting soil and some water! The basket is a little big and I still need to get some moss but I love pansies and how delicate they are. Did you know that you can eat the petal?? I have put them in salads before to add a little color!
In the little pot is a cute little pansy plant I found for 59 cents! He was too cute to resist! I found this little pot in my storage cupboard and since I have not used it since the original flowers were in it I decided to put it to good use!
So, that is my pansy story! If I owned a house I would have a yard full of flowers...someday! :)


  1. CUTE!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE flowers and I too want a house surrounded by them...I get so envious looking in all of those BH&G magazines of all the folks who already have that...I WANT IT! I love the bucket!

  2. You are so cute! I love flowers too! Especially when we lived in Olympia! Each flower bulb that bloomed was a sign of what time of year it was! The daffodils, the crocus and the tulips (my favorite)...Something about flowers in the house that says: "Welcome I'm glad you're here!"
    Happy Spring!