Friday, February 27, 2009

Running Shoes....

So, finally I ordered some new running shoes! My old ones are hitting the dust and need to be replaced! I have worn them out (they are still good for a few things) and the insides of the heels have no material left to them. I found these at Dicks Sporting goods and I loved how they felt and the comfort and support they had! Come to find out they were discontinuing this stlye and of course they did not have my size! I looked in a few more stores and a few colors later but to no avail! I then took the next step to look for them online! I found them and they were around bucks on sale but yet again not my size! I tried one more link and saw that they had my size but not on sale! I did note that they had free s/h, a 20% off promotion and no tax! So all in all they were still $4o cheaper then they had them at Dicks! I cannot wait until they arrive on my front porch...don't you think that workouts will be so much better with these...or does this mean I have to work harder??

1 comment:

  1. definitely cute and i think they will most definitely make you work hard...or at least they'll give the impression!! haha!