Friday, February 20, 2009

Here I go....

So, this is all new to me! I read blogs but have never started one! Well, I take that back.....I created this blog account months ago but have never done anything with it! I get to the forming of it and then never post, create or do anything to create it more! So, here goes to the crazy world of blogging! I will try to keep up with it and do my best to post interesting things and try not to scare you all away in bordom!


  1. So you started one to huh? I must warn you...It's terribly addicting :) I call this the grown-up myspace. An online journal at its finest! Hope all is well & belated congrats on passing your nursing boards.

  2. Welcome to Bloggityville! It's great... glad to have another "neighbor" on here now!

    The blog "world" is a great place to be a part of and the deeper you get into it, you will see it has an entire community of its' own!

    Check mine out...