Monday, September 14, 2009

Redirecting for now...

Some of you may know Ben and I were in a serious car accident over 2 wks ago. Family and friends have set up a blog for us to update you all. I will use that blog for now to post things. When I get my cast off I will be able to type a little faster!
Thank you for all your prayers and support!
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  1. I agree on the boots! We all need a pair...Maybe when I get out there we can shop the Atlanta streets for "outfits" te he! Im giddy at the thought of being with you and slumber partying in up! Even if it is your studio/hotel room. We make anything a party ;) Love you doll..Keep the sunshine love! Your amazing

  2. If you have time(not on your anniversary) or want a change in blog scenes I tagged you in my last post

  3. Still helping you out...If you want to post over here once in a while...Im giving you something to talk about tomorrow am!!! MUAH