Monday, July 6, 2009

Watch out we come!!

Disney World or bust!
That is right people we are on our
way to the land of princesses, Mickey, Minnie,
Pirates and many more grand adventures!
We will start making the trek to Orlando on
Thursday morning! We are going to stay a few nights
with just each other soaking in the time that
we have before we meet up with the rest of the crew!
My parents, lil brother Ben and his friend will
be meeting up with us on Sat! Sunday we will start
our park adventures and wander into bed every
night with black dirty feet and pure exaustion!
Although born in Cali, Ben never got to go to Disneyland
so this will be a first for him....bring on the pretty princesses!
I have been blessed to be able to go to DL a few times
but never to the World of Disney!
We are super excited to not only spend time with family
but with each other!


  1. Have fun you two! Be a little iffy about the monorail...did you hear? Take lots of pics & i want goofy ones with SILLY hats of course :)-


  2. Ooo How fun! I've been to Disney once like a decade ago..